Indoor Air Solutions Group

The Indoor Air Solutions Group is an indoor

air quality consulting firm and microbiological laboratory whose focus is on airborne biological materials with a specialty mold testing.


In addition to providing quality laboratory analyses, we work closely with our clients by providing assistance and information regarding sampling protocols, interpretation of results and remediation recommendations.

Fungal species Alternaria.

We are located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and we're committed to serving both business and the general public.  The company's clients include NASA, Defense Logistics Agency, local health departments, law firms, insurance companies, environmental consultants, mold remediation companies, property managers, home inspectors, schools, allergists, HVAC professionals, medical and surgery centers, and hospitals. IASG is a proud member of the Pan American Aerobiology Association and the International Aerobiology Association whose common focus is the study of passive dispersal of airborne organisms or their products in the indoor and outdoor environments.

Why Choose Us?

Indoor Air Solutions Group specializes in the analysis of air and surface samples. We analyze volumetric air samples such as culturable samples (Anderson) for fungi and bacteria, and spore trap samples (Allergenco, Burkard, Zefon Air O Cell, and Cyclex D) for fungi. Spore trap analysis includes identification and mathematical conversions to spores per cubic meter of air. Tape, bulk, and swab surface samples are examined directly under the microscope. The results of your analysis can be delivered in a format tailored to your exact needs.

Indoor Air Solutions Group, Mold Consulting & Testing, Fort Wayne, IN